WL//WH Track Of The Day: COLOR PALETTE “Distance”

Track Of The Day Color Palette

After releasing last year their second album “Shed Your Skin”, the ‘normally’ Electro Rock/Synth Pop band from Washington, D.C. COLOR PALETTE have just dropped the new single “Distance”, a guitar-laden jangly, wavey pop tune, between Real Estate and The Smiths, where the synth chords give only colour and density to the sound, while this time it is the 6 strings that play the leading role.

Propelling cymbal-charged snappy drums and hearty deep bassline are washed by a dizzying mesh of fizzing hazy strums and swirling melancholic guitar chords that glisten and whine around sad, lacklustre male vocals, shadowed with airy high emotional back-ups, elicit doubt, anxiety, and melancholy into a deceptively happy reunion.

The band possess sensible and versatile songwriting with strong melodic quality, pleasantly familiar yet definitely enticing and somehow strangely uncanny.

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