WL//WH Track Of The Day: COLDVVAVE “Remember This, As Always! (feat. Wednes Mandra of Rabu)”

Track Of The Day COLDVVAVE

Hailing from Indonesia, COLDVVAVE is the collaborative electronic music project, started in Yogyakarta since 2014 by Vitus Yogi “Obluda” Prasetyo (Jurumeya) and Martinus Indra “Menus” Hermawan (To Die), with the aim to create at the same time minimalistic and dark, synth-laden and bass-driven ‘cold sounds from tropical islands’.

The duo have just dropped their 10-track debut album “eigengrau”, soon on tape, exactly splits between 5 vocal tunes and as many instrumentals, in which stands out the striking combination between electronics and acoustic instruments, synthetic and organic, of “Remember This, As Always!” with the guest vocal, strings & piano by Wednes Mandra (Rabu). 

Muted steadily four-to-the-floor rhythms, interspersed by subtle hisses and glitches, are topped by eerily ominous rumbling bassline, sweeping by deep, frozen, dismal gusts of synth, and emphasized by an achingly emotional cinematic string interlude and mournful poignant final piano notes, in an agonizing rollercoaster drive of past betrayal, heartache and revenge, imbued by dramatic profound male vocals creak quivering malaise into the disconnected haze.

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