WL//WH Track Of The Day: COLD COMFORT “Hunt With Us”

Track Of The Day Cold Comfort

Without a doubt, one of the most revered Ukrainian bands of the last decade to blend 80s inspired UK post-punk and coldwave laced with an eastern European flair, perpetrators of cult classics like “Here And Now”, “Beach Funeral”, and “Caged Tiger”, Rivne bred, Kyiv-based, duo Cold Comfort are back in the fold with their long-awaited new 4-track EP “The Submerging” via fellow Worn Pop label, their most dazzling and uplifting so far, in a relentless interpolation of darkly piercing and sparkling guitar layers amidst pulsating rhythms and sweeping bright, synth, exploring emotional angst shrouded in positive shimmering energy of light and hope.

“Hunt With Us” is introduced by a door that slum shut behind and lets you enter into a sonic room suspended in time where you feel perfectly at ease and know every detail by heart since your youth, but every time you always expect those familiar elements to fit together to perfection, to create that peerless magic once again.

Steady pounding hypnotic rhythms, pulse along deep rumbling bassline and slightly abrasive clear six-string strums, stabbed by swirling airy synth melodies, and glowing distorted guitar strains that relentlessly smoulder, light up and take off around bittersweet aloof male vocals, longing in distressed boredom, as life spins round and round.

The wonders and mysteries of alchemy always the same as itself, yet always irresistible, ready to turn the sun-drenched hazy boredom of a late Summer day into a cooling sonic tide to take an engrossing dip in chilly, yet comfortable and invigorating cold waters.

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