WL//WH Track Of The Day: COLD CALLING [Холодный звонок] “Killed by Rain”

Track Of The Day Cold Calling

Many bands from Eastern Europe are often confined on their social media and is only thanks to the passion and dedication from the guy who runs the Facebook page The Eastern European Synth & Post-Punk Community it is possible to know and share new music from those latitudes.

Is it right the case of the one-man band from Moscow, Холодный звонок [Cold Calling] and his new EP Наваждение/Obsession’, a four-tracker permeated with a minimalistic and poignant synth-infused blend of brooding coldwave and morose post-punk soaked with the fascinating meditative depth of Russian melancholy.

“Killed by Rain” unfolds a string of dense yet lithe sparkling, reverberating jangly guitar melodies that swing with a wistful pace, interlaced with understated, rumbling low-end ominous bass pulsations, sparsely awash by dour icy synth lines, whilst, backed by lashing snares, dipping into murky gloom-laden depths of melancholy, and desolation embodied by lovelorn vocals whose most profound tormented emotions, filter through its delicate tones subtly shivering with dramatic inner darkness entrenched in overwhelming sadness and solitude.

A solid, moving and somehow painfully romantic debut, highly recommended.

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