WL//WH Track Of The Day: COFFIN MOTH “Night of the Witch”

Track Of The Day  Coffin Moth

A brand new obscure and mysterious band called Coffin Moth is awakened from its crypt in a North Carolina‘s Bat Cave to deliver the bone-chilling wicked and insane hymn “Night of the Witch”, first extract from their tape machines for a full-length winter album release.

During the annual traditional ‘Night of the Witch’ celebration, two spirits come from beyond the grave to bear witness to the dangerous unification between Beauty and Evil.

Sinister, buzzing, shredded guitar riffs surge and plummet in perpetual menacing tension and building anxiety, propelled by steady pummeling drums, along with deep dark dramatic vocals, that yearns for excitement and life in a tenebrous ritual of sacrifice and rebirth. 

A ghastly and manic witchy brew made of adrenaline-fueled gothic rock vibe with ruthless death rock aesthetic, we just can’t wait for the next extraction.

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