WL//WH Track Of The Day: COEVAL “Trauma Bonding”

Track Of The Day Coeval  

Four years after their incendiary debut EP, the London-based band Coeval is back on track with the announcement of the long-awaited self-titled debut album accompanied by the first preview, “Trauma Bonding”, as before via Parisian DIY label Le Turc Mecanique.

Now a four-piece, with an extra guitarist, Coeval draw from UK Post-punk stylings such as the Fall-Wire-Gang Of Four-PIL, or more recently Idles and Protomartyr, with the latter two also share vocal similarities, in addition to the repetitive minimal droning realms of VU and Suicide and a distinctive fiery punk energy.

Recorded in one week in the depths of winter 2021, with electronic musician/DJ and co-founder of Intervision label, Paulie Jan, on production duty, while clearer and more dynamic, the group’s scratchy and abrasive no-frills sound quality remains untamed, as well as the guitars, sharp-edged, tense and incandescent as before, eager to dart fierce and ominous squalls, fueled by deep bass, spartan yet taut rhythms and rough visceral vocalizations.

Lyric-wise, “Trauma Bonding” expresses anger and frustration toward an oppressive power structure, whilst yearning to be set free.

the track is propelled by urgent, dry and punchy snares, along with chugging basslines, overlaid by humming ghostly synths, and insinstently pierced by seething and sizzling, at times jagged, razor-sharp guitar riffs, that writhe, jud, and distort, laced with both menacing and pain-filled, resonant wailing vibrancy, to echo wandering rugged, breathless vocals, struggling to release angst and sorrow, amid merciless aggressive abrasion.

Coeval‘s debut s/t album will be released, in 12″ Vinyl and digital formats, on December 1st via Le Turc Mecanique. Already on pre-order on the label’s Bandcamp.

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