WL//WH Track Of The Day: COEVAL “In Hesitation”

Track Of The Day

Incendiary brand new debut 4-track EP for London-based power trio Coeval, comprised of former Empereur bassist Quentin Pierce, guitarist/vocalist Benedict Pooley and drummer Jack Gay, through the ever-exciting Parisian DIY punk label Le Turc Mecanique.

“In Hesitation” is as frantic and impulsive, as it is fresh and dynamic like a shot of pure adrenaline, an art-post-punk noise vortex of hypnotic yet disturbing jittery searing guitar lines, pounding and tight drumming and distorted bass build the tense mood laced with fear and uncertainty enphasised by strained, breathy, pleading, disappointed vocals highlighting the anxiety and uptight felt within.

A vibrant and infectious introduction, from a new band not to be overlooked.

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