WL//WH Track Of The Day : CLOVVDER “Witch”

Track Of The Day

A humble offering. / A song for the longest day and the longest night.

A remembrance of what we once were. / A reminder of what we might become.

Clovvder is a ‘witchgaze’ duo from Montevideo, Uruguay, not the most prolific band if, since 2015, they just released 2 singles and a remix, however their immersive and intriguing dark songs worth always the long wait, with their perfect balance between subtle and harsh, perverse and pure.

“Witch” is a haunting song with deep hypnotic, subtle pulsating beat, ominous backing synths layered over and interwoven with sweetly whispered chants of pain and revenge. Creating an erie, enchanted, ritualistic atmosphere filled with sadness, lonliness, and a feeling of being misunderstood. The menacing atmospheric synth patterns become increasingly overwhelming as her cry for justice becomes muted in the night.

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