WL//WH Track Of The Day: CLOSED TEAR “Hide”

Track Of The Day  Closed Tear

Christian Morales, the drummer of the Los Angeles area post-punk/dream-pop band Ter Nura, is used to give vent, since late 2016, to his singer/songwriter inclinations under his solo moniker Closed Tear, already putting together a fair amount of reverb-guitar infused melodic dream-pop tunes profusely ripe with sadness and wistfulness.

“Hide”, taken from the 2-track single “Hide/Drown”, is driven by hypnotic nimble drumbeats, along with deep bassline that throbs effortlessly vibrating dangerous pulses of detachment, beneath piercing crystal clear guitar embroideries, seared with reverb, that glisten and swirl hauntingly, simultaneously soothing and painful, injecting thick gauzy hazes of melancholy around rueful, bittersweet vocals, oozing with nostalgia, loss, and regret.

A moving, emotional, catchy and utterly rewarding listen.

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