WL//WH Track Of The Day: CLIMAS INTERIORES “Agobios”


Hailing from Bogotá, Colombia, Inti Alonso, under his moniker Climas Interiores,  has been working, since 2018, with hardware synthesizers to develop an emotional and compelling combination, both dark and atmospheric as well as vibrant and danceable, of Darkwave, Minimal Synth and Post-punk sounds.

Climas Interiores’ latest passionate and evocative single “Agobios” (Burdens), lyric-wise is about an angsty soul who is unable to escape a timeless claustrophobic prison of lonely fear.

The single is propelled by the crisp and bouncing rhythmic urgency of a mechanical drum machine and humming basslines, topped by a relentless obsessive swirl of icy glaring synth swells and twisted frantic chords over haunted, frightened vocals, dropping frustrated anxiety into a delirium of shattered dreams.

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photo by @cassxcassx