WL//WH Track Of The Day: CLAUSTRAPHOBIA “The Fall”

Track Of The Day Claustraphobia 

The eclectic darkwave solo project of the elusive Klaus Devore from Nottingham, UK experiments with 80s inspired electronic dark sounds since 2014, even if it seems like it was formed in 2001, above all on Soundcloud, before being refined and transferred on Bandcamp, with the peculiarity of the same gothic cover declined every time in a different colour tone.

Something seems to have changed recently, the covers differ from time to time, a photograph with sunglasses of our artist has also popped up, but what interests us is only and always the music, lately increasingly synth-laden, as the new single “The Fall” shows, tinged with 90s trance hints.

“The Fall” swirls through spacious ethereal, yet lingering eerie realms driven by brisk repetitive beats that bounce along uplifting rolling bassline awash by fluctuating and wandering warm airy synth flows, sorely punctuated by tinkling notes and ascending searingly glowing strings over sad whispered male vocals that hide in anxiety and fear regarding another’s well being.

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