WL//WH Track Of The Day: CITRUS CLOUDS “A Pastel Sky”

Track Of The Day  Citrus Clouds

Phoenix, Arizona power trio Citrus Clouds, made of Stacie Huttleston (bass/vocals,) Erick Pineda (guitar/vocals), and Angelica Pedrego (drums), is approaching patiently to their second album “Collider”, constantly refining and enhancing the quality of their stunning ‘desert-gaze’ sound, like last year single “Golden Sun” and the recently released “A Pastel Sky” clearly attest. 
“A Pastel Sky” is a drop-dead gorgeous tune with a striking synthesis of emotional intensity and pop sensibility, propelled by unremitting punchy drums, pierced by reverberating soaring guitar melodies, that chime and spark hypnotically with overwhelming atmospheric vigor, chased by sinuous pulsing meandering bassline, whilst floating seemingly carefree, whimsical female/male vocal harmonies touch, tease and distance themselves waving a spell of mesmeric rapture under a pastel sky.
Immaculate guitar-driven pop, genuinely rooted in its influences, but utterly infectious and distinctive as the band accustomed us.
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