WL//WH Track Of The Day: CINÉMA LUMIÈRE “Dreamcatcher”

Track Of The Day Cinéma Lumière 

Announced by last June Quarantine Live Video Session for Shiny Happy Records, the sophomore single “Dreamcatcher” from Filipino pop music alchemists based in Manila, Cinéma Lumière, has just been released, on all streaming services, through the fellow new Manila-based independent artist-run record label Catshelf Records.

Steady cymbal sweeps and punchy drums fuel sparkling reverb-sprinkled guitar melodies, intertwined with the hearty and pulsating bassline, to create a dense murky haze steeped in palpable deep nostalgia and endless melancholy that overwhelms and brings a lingering curtain of alluring sadness, whilst ethereally weeping six-string float, shimmer and ultimately soar free in passionate distortion, vibrating along with intense, emotional male vocals croon in lonely fear for the warm comfort of mankind.

More introspective and stirring, with nods to The Field Mice, than the angsty breezy and carefree jangle debut “Love”, “Dreamcatcher” distinguishes itself through a heart-gripping and wistful guitar work. drawing a murky, dreamy, reverberated soundscape, enriched by heartfelt bittersweet vocalizations.

While Cinéma Lumière plays a catchy and uplifting indie-pop with clear references to Sarah Records and the guitar pop of the 90s, one more time the quartet delivers it with a distinctive warm and endearing quality making their forthcoming debut EP one to have a close look after.

Cinéma Lumière ‘s upcoming debut EP, “Will You Catch Me?” is due on Nov 14, 2020 via Catshelf Records.

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