WL//WH Track of The Day : Cimientos Fecundos “Looking For The Sun”

Track of The Day

From the mountains of Antioquia province and the city of Medellin in Colombia comes that pretty talented synthetic duo of Cimientos FecundosJuan Camilo Marin Betancur on synths and hardware, and Camila Valencia on vocals have recently started publishing their minimal synthetic musings, starting with La Ciudad Dentada single only some 3 months ago. 4 singles so far where they clearly show their fateful attraction to synth wave music and the minimal electro rings. They do it good and they sound fresh and certainly talented in writing such beautiful sonic bullets. Hint: Camila Valencia‘s warm hue which gives an extra foggy shade to their songs. On January 1st they let out their new Looking For The Sun single, a minimal to cold wave gem with a quite hypnotizing groove and airy chords on synths, here it is and stay tuned because it seems like the genre has detected a brand new vain of gold!

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