WL//WH Track Of The Day: CIERŃ “The Emperor Rx”

WL//WH Track of The Day  CIERŃ

Berlin-based international DIY peace-anarcho-punk collective CIERŃ returns, after last year’s brilliant debut EP, with a new two-track single, “The Emperor Rx”, of commentary on war, about the constant tendency to follow the strong leader in the barbaric contempt for human life that is repeated cyclically without any possibility of redemption.
The proceeds will be collected as donations for either alternative media organizations or people in warring countries around the world.

A commitment that finds me perfectly in tune due to the fact there are not only first-class mainstream wars, but a myriad of conflicts all over the world, both past and present, forgotten, hidden or justified in the name of a so-called superior ‘democratic’ western civilization, consequently, I take this opportunity to state that this blog is absolutely against any kind of war or brutality, as well as being absolutely anti-nationalistic, thus, like it or not, any horrific fundraising requests for weapons, organizations linked to NATO/governments/corporations and national flag images will in no way be taken in consideration and published.

Poised between a vibrant and compelling dark-punk and somberly emotional and angsty post-punk, the alluring haunted and witchy vocalizations stands out on a truly intriguing, equally gloomy and sparkling, sound carpet, as wrapped in the esoteric imagery of the band.

The title track from the forthcoming first LP, “The Emperor Rx” deals with poetic lyrics inspired by a reversed interpretation of “The Emperor” tarot card to evoke isolation, fear, and deception with archetypal imagery for totalitarianism, corruption, and muted helplessness.

Echoing the glows and gloom of Skeletal Family, steady urgent drumming fuel effect-ridden ethereal and chiming guitar melodies along with densely punchy and throbbing bassline menace that interact with each other, laced with dramatic emotional poignancy, wandering, grumbling, surging and reverberating around ominous, anxious female cries and eerie heavy back-up echoes blend fear and regret into an intoxicating ebb and flow of breathless pain.

Even more ominous and immersive is the slow burner, “Bloody Rites”, about countries going to war because of religious clashes, encircled in tormented shimmering psychedelic guitars, smouldering until the final outburst of rage and sorrow.

With this donation, you will receive a discount code for -20% off the purchase of the full-length album “The Emperor Rx” once it will be released sometime in the year.

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