WL//WH Track Of The Day: CHURCH GROUP “Neutralized”

Track Of The Day Church Group

Hailing from the sunny and warm Perth, the elusive Australian coldwave / minimal synth outfit, most likely a duet, Church Group don’t leak any information about themselves, just drop their debut EP filled with frigid and moody synth swells, droning bass sequences, robotic, alienating rhythms and dual ominous female/male vocalizations.

The 3-tracker features a frozenly and sorrowfully enveloping cover of the 1982 Joy Division-tinged cult classic “The Art of War” from Belgian band Siglo XX and the hectic and tight “Feel it” laced with Devo-esque obsessive jagged synth strains and urgent voice.

The opening “Neutralized” unleashes fast-paced dry snare beats, interspersed by sparse light thudding percussive hits, that bounce in sync with dire rumbling bass pulse’s mechanical wind, while icy glowing bright synth melodies swirl and diffuse over ominous, fearful and tense female vocals exhaling wicked warnings with minimal menacing male whispers into the apocalyptic maelstrom.