WL//WH Track Of The Day : CHROME LEATHER “Personal Hell”

From the inner obscure, dump and oppressive dephs of Brisbane underground, emerges a new darkwave/post-punk collaborative project, called Chrome Leather, between Pleasure SymbolsJasmine Dunn (vocals & bass) and former The Swamp Creatures and Locust Revival, still half of noise duo BARGE With An Antenna On It, Steven Schnorrer (vocals, guitar, drums & synths).
The first preview from the forthcoming debut 4-track self-titled EP due out on September 19, 2018, is titled “Personal Hell”.
An goth-tinged dark atmospheric, gloomy song about the boredom and dreariness of everyday life and falling out of love, unfurls mournful, sharp and soaring electric guitar leads, underpinned with propulsive melodic bass lines and precise drums, cutting through patterns of regret and sorrow, awash in a claustrophobic sense of desperation and disbelief that deeply pervades the pained yet sensual Jasmine’s vocals facing the intolerable prospect of another monotonous day to come.
Personal Hell” strikes the perfect balance between brooding and raw intensity and cold intriguing melodies, that will leave you wanting more.