WL//WH Track Of The Day: CHLOÉ JARA-BUTO “Ce petit bout d’air”


We had the pleasure of getting acquainted with the singer-songwriter Chloé Jara-Buto through the cold synthpop project Chambre Claire she shares with the South London one-man-band New Cross.

Besides an enticing single song experimenting with a Casio PT-10 keyboard, Chloé crafts an emotive and dreamy lo-fi atmospheric indie folk sound of utter heartfelt brittle bittersweet melodic sensitivity, suffused with poignant intimate introspection and melancholic restlessness, subtly stirred by an underlying dramatic tension.

The brand new song, “Ce petit bout d’air / This little piece of air”, the first preview from the upcoming EP “CHIEN”, deals with haunted lyrics that dwell in the cruel nostalgia of pain, fear, and sorrow to mourn a lost love.

It sways its way through warm acoustic strummed 6-chords, fluid and intricate at the same time, along with emotional keening viola rambles, laced with wistful mellotron fluty curly laments, lilted by minimalist percussive brushes, to bring out all the downcast romantic longing and lovelorn desolation from the elegiac narrative of the delicate breathless vocal tone shedding languid sad whispers with aching, angsty memories into a downward spiral of mercurial obsessions.

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