WL//WH Track Of The Day: Chkbns “Balade Postopératoire”

Track Of The Day CHEEKBONES/Chkbns

Hailing from Saint Petersburg, Russia 3-piece Chkbns (pronounced Cheekbones) are on the verge of dropping their debut album entitled “Autwik” due out next Friday.

Using stripped-down instrumentation of a guitar, sometimes two, synthesizers and drums the trio, made of Aneliya, Emillia and Slava, distil seductively evocative, powerfully hypnotic and emotional electronic soundscapes layered in understated smouldering swathes of unease and unrest evoked by the dreamy and delightful as they are subtle eerie female vocals.

As a tasty preview, the band have just shared the 3rd single, along with the accompanying lyric video, intriguingly titled “Balade Postopératoire”, a disturbing look into an online romance built on lies that push one of the players to the brink of insanity.

Pained, longing, infatuated vocals fluctuate over a bed of deep hypnotic gloomily luscious synths, interspersed with syncopated solid snare beats, slowly pitch-shifted into a pervading mood of obsession and pain, clouded by ominous bass warbles and piercing drones, agonizing over a demented warped love. 

Simultaneously as engaging and vibrant, as disturbing and alluringly dreary, “Balade Postopératoire” delves deep into the boundaries between dream and reality, exuding a timeless quality rife with aching beauty and devastating loss.

It’s going to be an unmissable album…

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