WL//WH Track Of The Day : CHILD OF NIGHT “Against the Wall”

Track Of The Day  Child Of Night

I already emphasised few months ago the first single, “Sirens” (here), from the impressive 5-track EP “What Remains” by ColumbusOhio post-punk/darkwave duo Child Of Night, comprised of Jonathan Thompson & Tristan Wolfe.

The cassette/ digital EP has finally been dropped in these days, spanning several continents. Black Verb Records in Germany, Altarpiece Records in the USA, Discosomething Recordings in Russia, and Fundamental Illness Records in Australia.

A deeply emotional can’t-miss record that hits the nail of the head with its balance beetween the bleak haunting melancholy of synth-driven darkwave and the yearning urgency of post-punk, creating a higher degree of somber intensity combined with a sharp sense of wistful melody.

“Against the wall” is a poignant and gloomy song about, love, cowardice and pain. Underpinned by rumbling bass and hypnotic pounding drum patterns, the commanding detached vocals start with a relentless outburst. The resentment and anger from his wanting her and getting nothing in return evolve into his indifference and helplessness. Ominous, feverish and piercing washes of icy synths deepen the distressing and dramatic atmosphere pervaded by an uncompromising sense of frustration, misunderstanding and despair. With raw anger and disenchantment, he furiously tries to persuade her it was not only his fault. Intensified by a sudden flourish of an underlying amazingly mournful and melodic Hook-ish bassline, the pleading voice yells again and again “I wanted you” in a further final burst of intensity and pain.

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