WL//WH Track Of The Day: CHIAROSCURO “Grain de sable”

Track Of The Day   CHIAROSCURO

Cold-Punk three-piece band Chiaroscuro from Lille, North of France, returns, following the electrifying debut self-titled EP in 2019, with the first teaser, titled “Grain de sable”, taken from the forthcoming sophomore 5-tracker “LA Fange”.

The group delivers a rousing and turbulent angsty brew of pain-filled Post-punk bleakness and alienated Dark Punk anger, rooted in a strictly DIY hardcore background.

“Grain de sable” is laced with beautifully haunting poetry that explores the everyday dystopic life of oppression and violence through an abrasive lens of pain, anger, and hope.

A propelling rambunctious rhythmic core of pummelling drumming and churning punchy basslines fuels high-energy sizzling electricity, ceaselessly plagued and torn by barbed, jagged, and sharp guitar riffs, to shed wailing and shrilling echoes along with merciless scratching distortions, injecting a soaring sense of claustrophobic anguish, engulfed by huffy, assertive baritone broods, alternating with angst-ridden caustic shouts, to release the heavy burden of excruciating dreadful moods.

Chiaroscuro‘s second EP, “La Fange”, is slated for release on May 2, 2023, on ltd. Cassette via Dirty Slap Records and on Vinyl 12″ via Don’t Trust The Hype, LADA, Les Choeurs de l’ennui, Dans Le Vide Records and Colilla Records.

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