WL//WH Track Of The Day: CHEMICAL CLUB “Waking Up The Same”


Hailing from Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico, Chemical Club is an elusive duo who deliver, since late 2019, an intriguing bedroom-crafted synth-infused indie pop, rife with dismal post-punk, introspective dream-pop and lustrous synth-pop undertones, to combine with deft balance emotional urgency and strong melodic sensitivity, pervaded by a deep sense of wondrous melancholy and lo-fi flair.

Following the brilliant “Mutual Psychosis” debut EP earlier this year, the band have just dropped the new single “Waking Up The Same” to unveil soul searching lyrics that wander through love, pain, and regret before realizing that no matter what, “we’re waking up the same”, in a nostalgic journey through some of life’s self-defining moments.

Soft bouncing sinuously bleak basslines, sustained by steady punchy drumbeats, are gently pierced by twinkling jangly guitar melodies combined with wandering glowing sweeps of synth, to create a blurred at the same time enveloping somber introspective mood of wistful nostalgia, loss, and hopeless romance, that reverberate over sad detached male vocals that long and reminisce into a bittersweet awakening down the lonely path of realization.

Dreamy retro video travels backwards to a fork in the road with two paths, one white the other black while time-lapse photography blurs transitions between a nighttime cityscape, old family photographs, and a crowded ’80s dancefloor uniting in overlay themes of marriage, the struggle for equality, and self-definition to explain, “a song about trying to feel better by stepping out of your comfort zone and how it never ends up working!”.

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