WL//WH Track Of The Day: CHAMBER OF REFLECTION “Above The Clouds”


Finnish 4-piece band based out of Helsinki, Chamber of Reflection, have released this weekend their debut 4-track demo EP “Above The Clouds”, hovering between brooding, introspective Darkwave and shimmering droning Shoegaze, light and shadow, dreams and ghosts, with nods, especially in the first single and the title track, to the bewitchingly beautiful gloomy guitar resonances of Lycia’s “A Day In The Stark Corner” period.

Unlike an urgent and feverish resounding, searing opening, as to escape an oppressive state of “Asphyxiation”, the EP builds on a cold and austere melding of lush, obsessive glistening guitar flows, at times achingly piercing and high-pitched, as in the breathy and epic “Fallen Leaves”, with weighty steady rhythms, hallucinating synth glows and spectral, woeful vocal delivery, defined by an all-encompassing arcane and poignant, “cosmic” bleakness.

“Above the clouds” explores the high and low feelings associated with the human mental state using the clouds and earth as a gauge of comfort.

Carried by blows of wintry wind, hypnotic crystalline melodies blur squealing into misty, enveloping sparkling layers of reverb-laden guitar distortion floating slowly, ethereal yet blazing, streaked by penetrating agonizing ripples and tragic dazzling keyboard frequencies, reiterating as an overwhelming vital breath of depth defying pain, on which float ghostly, frigid, plaintive vocals through an eerie celestial aura of shimmering inexhaustible alienation and sadness.

Although still in demo form, the COR’s atmospheric and cloudly guitar-driven sound creates profound emotional moods and stimulates the imagination, ebbing and flowing throughout its seductive frigid and torturous path with balance and sobriety, absolutely heart-warming.

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