WL//WH Track Of The Day : CHAIN CULT ‘State Of Fear’

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The Greek alternative music scene is ultimately in great shape, it’d probably help to corroborate the theory that the creativity and the cultural fervor is inversely proportional to the social and economic health, but it would be unfair towards a nation of priceless culture and tradition.

Today I run by chance into the brand new crispy and electrifying 6-track demo, soon on cassette, by Chain Cult, a new dark/post punk trio based in Athens.

‘State Of Fear’,  the most ‘thoughtful’ track of the pack, is a jittery and propulsive post-punk of great flair, channeling the heavy seething of early Killing Joke and post-Amebix band Zygote , the Chain Cult sound preserves the best of ’80’s UK post punk, with reverb chiming and dark jagged guitar riffs that are verging on the heavy, hypnotic bass lines, while modernising the sound for the current days with politically charged lyrics. ‘Now fear resides here / (We’re) in a State of Fear / it seems so far but it’s very near’ the fiery punkish vocals rant at last .

One of the most compelling demo I’ve listened lately.

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Written by Fabrizio Lusso