WL//WH Track Of The Day: CECILIA::EYES “Parenthesis”

 Track Of The Day  CECILIA::EYES

Seemingly, the enigmatic Belgian group from the Walloon region of Brussels, CECILIA::EYES, released their third and last album with a predominantly post-rock imprint back in 2014 and then disappeared.

The 4-piece return with an enriched atmospheric sound adding elements of 4-AD-tinged dream-pop incantations and shoegaze haze, crafting a resonant, enveloping and hypnotic otherworldly universe that swings suspended between agony and ecstasy, intimacy and restrained noisy bursts of passion.

After the spellbinding first single from the upcoming 4th full-length LP, “Sore Memories Always End”, the band proposes itself in the same immersive and shimmering fashion with “Parenthesis”, that basks along in a hazy iridescent sun-dazzled glow of reverberant glistening guitar melodies underpinned by slightly delayed yet punchy cymbal-swelled scattered percussions and heart-pulsing deep basslines, to layout the brittle bewitching prismatic pillow that reflects kaleidoscopic beams of blinding shifting lights, shaded by a subtle ruffle of restlessness, around rarefied angelic vocals floating and falling emotionally with celestial back-up hums through bursting clouds of hazy dream-like bliss.

CECILIA::EYES fourth double studio album is slated for release, Vinyl 12″/CD and Digital, on December 3, 2021, via DUNK!RECORDS. Available worldwide at A Thousand Arms [US], Church Road Records [UK], The Bird’s Robe Collective [AUS] and NEW NOISE CHINA [CN].

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