WL//WH Track Of The Day: CCTV “Darkness”

Track Of The Day CCTV  

Casually materialised from the swarming tide of promotional spam that now floods the inbox, the enigmatic and laconic Canadian solo project, under the alias CCTV, hailing from Saint John, New Brunswick, debuts with his first two-track foray, titled “S”, into the 80s influenced Post-Punk genre, after wandering, throughout 2021, through mainly electronic paths spamming from breakbeat, ambient, to hip-hop and various oddities.

“Darkness” deals with depressing lyrics that ruminate in a hopeless, helpless cycle of self-loathing and spiritual alienation.

A lo-fi, raw, stripped-down sound triggered by restless and tight stuttering drum machines, along with a deep humming bassline to mine bleak throbs of tormenting isolation, whilst a plaintive radiance of effect-filled wistful guitar melodies punctuate obsessive sparkling agony into the dim pool of naked distorted vocals, extricating numb, monochromatic and hypnotic wails of fear and melancholy into a desperate addiction with “darkness.”

“Sierra” wobbles, however, on jangly arpeggiated guitars and meandering sullen synth swathes, to envelope with poignant introspective swells of bittersweet nostalgia and longing.

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