WL//WH Track Of The Day: CASKET CASSETTE “Medusa”


Split between the industrial-flecked eternal sunlit glow of his hometown Los Angeles and the untamed chilly nature of studying Iowa City, the music project of Constant Williams concocts a somberly danceable combination of 80s-inspired sparkly Post-Punk and forlorn Darkwave, into entrancingly catchy moody songs filled with poetic depression, passion, and despair, strained by a dramatic melancholic vocal delivery, whilst subtly enshrouded in a romantic Gothic veil.

The follow-up to last July’s captivating debut Self-Titled album, the achingly emotional new single “Medusa”, slightly reminiscent of the Black Marble’s “It’s Immaterial” period, dropped right the Halloween day, deals with poetical lyrics that capture a sorrowful longing for a beloved archetype whose isolated and broken essence feels miles away.

An initially menacing bassline softens in meandering limber throbs bouncing sleekly along with peppy punchy snares, stabbed by wistful glittering synth chords entwined with quavering twinkling guitar melodies, echoing wistfully around rumbling aching baritone moans, fusing melancholy and pain into a lamenting adoration of “Medusa.”

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