WL//WH Track Of The Day: CARRIEGOSS “Distant Spark”


Rennes-based electronic musician Gwladys Orbs, AKA CARRIEGOSS, has been self-producing and self-releasing, for around 3 years, vibrating, moody, and fluttering dark synthetic compositions that unravel along dizzying edges of swirling emotional-ridden heartfelt introspections steeped in melancholia, desolation, and nostalgia, to build a danceable and enveloping sound at the same time warm and icy, hazy and sparkling, haunting and hypnotic, laced with a distinct melodic flair, that winds its way, with naturalness and deftness, through Darkwave, EBM, Coldwave and as in this latest single, “Distant Spark”, Synth-pop with a wistful retro touch that never gets old.

Contemplative lyrics search for a “Distant Spark” to light the fires of smothered hope and passion.

Insistent warbling bassline throbs with unremitting urgency along with steady beats, stabbed by obsessive flashing arpeggiated chords whilst achingly boundless melancholy drops from slow wandering dazzling synth sweeps atop heavy detached and angsty vocals, laced with fear and disappointment diving into the bright and hypnotic gravity of dreams.

Gripping and intense DIY synth-driven music that wells up from the heart, scarce these days.

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photo by Renaud Leroux