WL//WH Track Of The Day: CAPUT MEDUSAE “I Wear Black ‘Til I’m Dead”

Track Of The Day Caput Medusae 

Caput Medusae, the brainchild of Germany-based duo Tina Mar  & Stefan Scott, returns with a new track, “I Wear Black ‘Til I’m Dead”, taken from an upcoming 2-track 7″ single, an early glimpse of next year’s debut album, where the band tweaks their Goth-tinged New Wave sound for a further erratic, spooky and sinister endeavor, almost a heady late gasp of the just gone creepy Halloween time.

Lyrically, the darling of a chimney sweep and gravedigger declares an undying love for the color black.

Envelop in warm forlorn organ-like swelling flows, crispy knocking percussive patterns and menacing sonorous rolling basslines relentlessly punctuate an eerie phantasmagorical array of persistent flashy pulsing synth riffs, along with buzzing and croaking dissonant uncanny frequencies, churning and fluttering around whispery romantic baritones, interspersed with obsessive spoken words, to release endless adoration into an alluring dark and moody soundscape.

Caput Medusae‘s upcoming 2-track ltd. vinyl single, “I Wear Black ‘Til I’m Dead”, is due out on January 30, 2024, already available for pre-order on the band’s Bandcamp.

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