WL//WH Track Of The Day: CANDLE WISHES “South Bell”

Track Of The Day  Candle Wishes

Nebulous one-man band, Candle Wishes, based in Tallahassee, Florida rambles brilliantly in and out of an atmospheric and immersive murky coldwave mist, both dreamy and unsettling, whilst, underpinned by simmering off-kilter rhythms and chilling synths, numb vocals of monochromatic sore melancholy, laced with an Ian Curtis-like cadence, carry the songs to an almost trance like state.

Candle Wishes has just dropped a double A-side single, the buzzing and abrasive “Liquid Days”, but it’s the subdued and ethereal “South Bell”, subtly warmed by alluring trumpet-sounding flourishes, that drew our attention.

Esoteric lyrics introspect on a timeless existence of repetition, temptation, and cryptic apocalyptic omens.

Syncopated rolling low ends prance along repetitive, hypnotic punchy beats with a groovy sultry dark edge into an introspective barren wasteland, enshrouded in distant icy forlorn synth drifts, flickers of wistful muted trumpet-like blows and forsaken tinkling chords, pulsing around smooth, achingly soothing voice wanderings narcotically in and out of a somber disconnection, delving into the darkest depths of isolation and pain.

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