WL//WH Track Of The Day: CAMILLA SOMBRIO “My dear blue​-​eyed”

Track Of The Day Camilla Sombrio

After getting noticed around the period of 201516, the Brazilian darkwave artist from Novo Hamburgo, Camilla Sombrio, returns with an upcoming sophomore EP “Kami Sonne”, combined with more danceable Synth Wave sound made of driving hypnotic rhythms, captivating bass vibrations, entrancing synth lines yet still enveloped in a dark and gloomy veil, and paired with a cold and at the same time heartfelt vocal approach endowed with a fragile charm and profound intimacy.

“My dear blue-eyed”, the latest of the three songs unveiled in around a week, deals with a devotional confession that promises protection, heat, and eternity.

Steady slashing beats, sparse muffled percussions, along with spluttering, rolling bass grooves, smeared by icy eerie synth glares, throb around alluring and emotional vocals, transmitting warmth and sombre sentimentality laced with soul-stirring aching longing from a frozen heart of solitary pain.

After such a long hiatus, it’s still a work in progress, but the Brazilian artist seems to be on the right path.

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