WL//WH Track Of The Day: буревестник [burevestnik] “Hellsing”

Track Of The Day буревестник

буревестник [burevestnik] is a new Post-punk / Gothic Rock / Darkwave solo project from Astana, Kazakhstan with a home recording demo, titled “Hellsing”, via Sovietwave Records, made of a swirling and eerie, synth-strewn old-school Gothic Rock, possibly inspired by the 1997-2008 seinen-horror-steampunk-splatter manga illustrated by the nib of Kota Hirano, or the beautifully produced yet less effective 2000s ‘anime’ of the same name.

A propulsive hard-hitting pace of a retro-charged drum machine grips the coldness and dread of a claustrophobic maze, steeped in menacing moonlit misty darkness, encircled by chilling hypnotizing synth loops, pieced neurotically by effect-filled guitar obsessions, whilst tormented, surly baritones draw disjointed broods of anxiety and fear.

Abandon the light and venture into the spooky night populated by obscure creatures, it will be very difficult to go back…

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