WL//WH Track Of The Day: BUBBLE MAP “Forest”

Track Of The Day  Bubble Map

BUBBLE MAP is an indie-pop 3-piece band from Saint Petersburg, who have just debuted with their first single, “Forest”, which, right away, reveals a good personality in the wake of an airy, twinkly and dreamy melodic guitar pop with sprinkles of shoegaze, imbued with enveloping nostalgic melancholy and heartfelt radiance.

The introspective lyrics dive into the metaphysical realms of transformation in order to overcome fear, in a long journey through an intimidating dim inner maze at first uncertain about the direction, however in which will learn how to ‘lose’ without dangers and anxieties, lit by glimpses of light penetrating between the branches, safely, in harmony into the dark enchanted “Forest.”

Introduced by marching drum beats and sizzling grinding chords wafting through steady hypnotic rhythms to fuel hearty bass pulses rippling organically in an entrancing flurry flow of ringing and shimmering guitar melodies reverberating around daydreaming, emotional female vocal croons that coo and sway in bittersweet harmonies of angst and uncertainty.

A charming debut.

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