WL//WH Track Of The Day: BOXES OF BLOW “Out Of Control”

Track Of The Day  Boxes of Blow

Athens based Greek darkwave band Boxes Of Blow is back to be heard about 3 years after a promising first S/T EP, reduced to a duo line-up of Thodoris Koutsogiannis (lead vocals and synths) and Alexios Othon Theodoridis (guitars, programming and backing vocals), with a new song, “Out Of Control”, from the upcoming debut album scheduled for late 2021.

Boxes Of Blow‘s ’80s influenced, guitar-driven, dark post-punk, charged sometimes with noise rock leanings, seems more compact and urgent with pounding rhythmic patterns and effects-laden, resonant, piercing 6-string lines, something amidst the chimey early U2 and Christian Death, “Catastrophe Ballett” period, sharp and melodic at the same time, while the voice has a different subdued, deceptively detached tone.

Lyrics dive into the psychological realms of excess, anxiety, and shame and the physical destruction that occurs as a result.

Doomy energetic synthetic bassline throbs seamlessly propelled by tight pummeling, hard-edged beats stabbed through ringing and vibrant emphatic guitar riffs that reverberate and screech with obsessive alarming menace atop emotional, terse male vocals, releasing hoarse breathless whispers into sparse restrained injections of harsh white noise emissions.

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