WL//WH Track Of The Day: BOUND BY ENDOGAMY “Junktion Rivers”

Track Of The Day  Bound by Endogamy

Active since 2019, hailing from the local punk squat scene, Geneva-based, Swiss electro-body-wave duo, Bound by Endogamy, made of multi-disciplinary artist & musicians Kleio Thomaïdes (lead vocals, electronics) and Shlomo Balexert (vocals, electronics, live drums), have made themselves known in recent times through two remixes for The Horrorist and Carlo Onda, rather acid and infused with boisterous punk and EBM energy.

The pair have unveiled the first preview, “Junktion Rivers”, from their upcoming single “Walk with a tumored dog”, the third and final instalment of the Lux Rec. 7’’ series dedicated to Swiss artists, due out on 2 July 2021 (7’’ vinyl + Digital).

‘To understand this record one needs to spend a morning, after a sleepless night, waking to the junction point in Geneva, where waters meet, leftovers wear their high off and high bridges invite you to make the last jump. One needs to deal with a frustrating environment that only brings out so much anger. One needs to know Kleio and Sam, and their symbiotic take on life’ the label states.

“Junktion Rivers” explores ’80s rhythmic and nocturnal neon-lit electronic new wave territories, dear to A.T.R.O.X. and Tuxedomoon, with the addition of modern techno elements, combined with equally bewitching and disturbing, icy vexed vocals. 

A sinister, desolate and alienating mechanical ballet that hypnotically waltzes through crisp bouncing drum patterns along with subtle obsessive acidic twangs of jaw-harp-like loops, and later swishing and crawling sharp percussive inserts, enshrouded by wandering forsaken glaring keyboard melodies, flashing inexorably around cold, aseptic, monochromatic female spoken word vocals, pierced by eerie frozen spectral hissing synth sweeps, releasing dissociated pain into the drowning rays of warped light.

Bound by Endogamy‘s “Junktion Rivers” single is slated for release, 7’’ vinyl & Digital, on 2 July 2021 via Zurich-based Daniele Cosmo’s independent label Lux Rec.

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