WL//WH Track Of The Day: BONE PIXIE “Porcelain”

Track Of The Day Bone Pixie

Popped up on Soundcloud at the beginning of last week with three new tracks in a row, Bone Pixie is a ‘genderless, darkvisual’ solo project from the UK, who weaves, through a minimalistic and atmospheric approach, moody, stirring and emotional goth-tinged coldwave, infused with a dense introspective grey sonic cloud of sober drum machine, bleak bassline, intricate glistening guitar work and lush evocative synth chords, haunted by emotionally breathy vocals steeped in mourning and melancholia, amidst hopeless gravity and nostalgic abandon.

Bone Pixie‘s debut “Porcelain” is steadily driven by repetitive terse snare beats laced with sinuously hearty bubbling bass pulses, while melodic gauzily glowing wistful synth flows vibrate, meander and finally swirl more urgently in the shadow, gently pierced by uncanny melodies of guitar filigranes that shimmer lost in the distance, around ecstatically forlorn reverbed vocals that stutter, flicker, and fade, oozing sheer vulnerability lost in a haze of suffering and impending darkness.

Still a project in progress, but, as the last track Vapour Salem” clearly shows, with heartfelt glimpses of subtle intrigue and undoubted talent, we shall return to it.

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