WL//WH Track Of The Day: BLUME “I Miss You”

Track Of The Day Blume

Started in 2015, BLUME is the solo project of Arthur Bennell, based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada as well guitarist of shoegaze band Charcoal Skies.

Following last October 5-tracker ‘Days Go Slowly’, the brand new EP ‘Still Believe’ is considered as its natural continuation, recorded immediately after, keeping a similar vibe while building on new sounds and ideas. 

An effortless reverb-infused atmospheric hazy mix between post-punk and shoegaze with an alluring lo-fi flair.

From the opening title track, evocative sparkling guitar lines ebb and flow through hazy and contemplative soundscapes bordering the edge of darkness, with the subtly gripping and mysterious noir-ish ballad “Didn’t Care”, scattered with a dash of psychedelia, to stand out, together with “I Miss You”, defined by a striking interplay between post-punkish pulsing bass and reverberating jangly 6-string riffs.

Filled with equal parts longing and isolation, “I Miss You” unravels rubbery sinuous bassline that pulses relentlessly along with reiterated restrained drumbeats, awash by breezily frozen bleak synth chords dazzling deeply overhead, punctuated by a mesmeric tingling web of crystalline mournful guitar melodies, depicting dreamily abstract blurry impressions of reclusive and sad reiterations of devouring pain and wistful resignation, embodied by achingly ecstatic drifting distant male vocals, hypnotically melting undulations of unrelenting obsessive loneliness with tender regret, ”I miss you every day.”