WL//WH Track Of The Day: BLUE LIVINGROOM “Extraction”


After last year’s almost silent first release with a 3-track EP of covers, as to taste the water, BLUE LIVINGROOM, the solo project of Mississippi-based synthesist Warren Ard, one half of post-punk/synth-rock band Control Room, continues the deep fascination for the British new wave and synth-pop from the 80s in a more lo-fi setting and infused with droning atmospheric shoegaze textures.

“Extraction”, the early preview from the upcoming album “For Keeps”, is laced with romantic lyrics admiring the inner strength of a soul mate, while introspecting on the magnetic pull of fate and destiny.

Thumping drum machines and pumping bassline, bounce intermittently, swathed by luminescent fluctuating layers of synth flourishes, swaying back and forth in a frenetic densely hazy motion with intensely aloof submerged vocals to deliver breathless flirtations and accolades into the spinning buzz of catatonic bliss.

A rich and glowing whirlwind of synth induced nostalgia, backed by pulsating drum-machines, awash with wistful melodic appeal make the upcoming debut LP, to be released on April 16, 2021, an intriguing affair.

“Extraction” is paired with high-speed vintage footage to create a hypnotic flow of motion, using aerial and automotive shots from London’s busy roundabouts circa the 1960s. Grainy black and white auras time travel at an urgent pace toward a purposeful destination down a nostalgic motorway lined with double-decker buses and vintage cars.