WL//WH Track Of The Day: BLUDHOOD “Prayer”

Track Of The Day BLUDHOOD

After a very promising first 3-track EP “Outside The Room” in 2019 under the moniker CLNИ [Colony], mixing early 90s atmospheric shoegaze sounds with moody 80s UK post-punk, without skipping more contemporary references such as The Strokes, Interpol, and DIIV, and the purpose to publish a full-bodied first album, the band come back after a long hiatus with a new vocalist, a sparkling new sound, a new name, Bludhood, and above all with a soon to be released debut LP.

Introspective lyrics find strength and wisdom, amid fear and pain, in an emotional catharsis.

Bathed in dazzling oppressive darkness, “Prayer” paints a shadowy, haunted and dramatic atmosphere based on the obsessive drive of an edgy rhythm section along with a pulsating and plastic bassline, while ebbing and flowing glaring reverberations of guitar strings pierce the impending bleakness, charged by icy drapes of aching keyboards washes, whilst dreamy sad female vocals rise and fall with a beautiful range of harmonies into the shimmering shadows of twilight.

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