WL//WH Track Of The Day: BLOODPICKME “Strange Love”


After the previous blistering, bordering hardcore racket of “Drum’n Girl”, the ‘blurry’ Japanese loud rockers BLOODPICKME, based out of Minato City, Tokyo, slow the pace down with the brand new third single, “Strange Love”, while maintaining their simmering abrasiveness, enshrouding the fragile and moody melodies in classic shoegaze fashion.

MBV-style dizzy thudding off-tempo drum beats clang and crawl, submerged by a powerful yet subdued billow of rippling and vibrating waves, rife with heavy, hazy sweeping guitar distortion that derails and layers over emotional deeply muffled vocals, haloed in sweet ethereal airy screams of lonely, anxious, fear, swirling in oppressive fuzz and haunted echoes, smothered in a soulless void of ongoing turmoil.

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