WL//WH Track Of The Day : BLOOD BELLS “Veins”

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 Blood Bells is a post-punk with deathrock influences duo, comprised of Clint Jerome (guitar, vocals) and Matt Stewart (bass) from Denton, Texas, fresh from the release of the debut album ”A Time for Roses”.

The Dallas area should be quite ‘infected’ by the genre judging by several interesting ‘death’ bands like The Garden Of Mary, Ritual Order and The Aztec Death, I interviewed here, just to name a few.

“Veins” brilliantly epitomizes all their energy and urgency in the use of a relentless drum machine and sweeping layers of heavily effected guitar and the throbbing melodic bass lines that underpin the deep Eldritchian vocals.

The band’s influences are straight in your face, they even have their own beloved ‘Doktor Avalanche’ ironically called ‘Doktor Boom-Boom’, but they play with their guts, not the hype, their highly addictive brand of post-punk is fresh, honest, inspiring with great darkly hooks, for just a debut we couldn’t ask for more.

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