WL//WH Track Of The Day: Błogie Milczenie “Odrodzenie / Rebirth”

Track Of The Day  Błogie Milczenie

Dense sombre emotion-heavy moods and stark icy atmospheric noir-ish gloom of the 80’s ‘zimna fala’, the Polish coldwave or “vague de froid”, condensate in the immersively broody and wistfully intoxicating, church-organ-laced funereal laments from the brand new 2-track single, entitled “Obietnice nowego życia“, by Poznań-based duo Błogie Milczenie, comprised of Krzysztof Wiśniewski (bass, voice), and Łukasz Waligóra (synth, guitar).

The consistently dark and evocative “Odrodzenie” slowly reveals reverb-filled flickering, searing guitar melodies along frigid synth undertones and hypnotically pulsing, bleak bassline, dropping doom-laden drama and helpless melancholy, to unfold atop of implacable, soul hollow-like drumbeats, whose achingly dusty decaying thickness wraps around, creating layers of desolate yet mesmerizing inner chaos, as mournful energetic guitar wails and glassy, sombre drifts of church organ sound penetrate the gloomy and dreary darkness, engulfing deeply stoic, devastated male vocals whispering sorrowful fear watching in helpless agony, as life slips away.

Not less intriguing is the church organ-laden ceremonial despondent dirge “Szklane płomienie”, making for an even more compelling single. 

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