WL//WH Track Of The Day: BLIND DREAMS “The Mirror And It’s Pieces”

Track Of The Day  BLIND DREAMS

Formed over the pandemic period in 2020, the Russian darkwave trio based in St. Petersburg, Blind Dreams, made of Vladislav Bordovsky (vocals, lyrics), Evgeny Denisov (guitar, synth) and Ivan Khatov (bass), debut with the EP “Cold Morning”.

Four atmospheric and murky tracks, only the closing displays more abrasive goth riffage and dynamic rhythms, built on restless hypnotic drums, eternal funereal bass rumbles, chilled gusts of cold keyboards and painful guitar reverbs amid gloomy and dismal vocalizations, as an ’80s-inflected worship triangle that combines algid and stark minimal Post-punk, brooding Darkwave and lugubrious Gothic Rock, to carve barren, wintry landscapes of the soul with penetrating melancholy while falling into the depths of depression and despair.

“The Mirror And It’s Pieces” is laced with reflective lyrics drown in the sorrow of yesterday’s tears while searching for a way out of the darkness.

Propelled by besetting ridged mechanical drum beats, relentless throbbing bass weaves bleak and ominous dirging moods, to immerse into the cloudiest spectral labyrinthine shadows, washed by sparse forsaken icy-cold swathes, to draw bristly, neurotic, both solemn and tormented guitar melodies echoing wailing and grumbling vocals, haunted with existential turmoil, releasing aloof anxiety and dreadful distress into a painful longing of obsessive angst.

Although the use of the English language removes a certain air of allure and distinction, the band seem at ease in placing themselves within the sonic tradition and dark aesthetic, with full respect and knowledge of the subject, only a twist of real personality is missing, but we are only at the beginning…

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