WL//WH Track Of The Day: BLIND DREAMS “Better Days”

Track Of The Day  BLIND DREAMS

Aside from the fan-like Manichaeism that I willingly leave to the warriors of the socials, the destruction and psychological harm that war brings to people’s lives is terrifying and unexplainable, overwhelmed by a relentless no tomorrow.

Saint Petersburg-based 3-piece band Blind Dreams, purveyors of raw and darkly melancholic Darkwave have dropped their latest single, “Better Days”, a song born of the sorrow, shattered hopes, and unsettled feelings triggered by the horrible global events of February 24, 2022, more relevant than ever with the recent mobilization.

Introspective lyrics paint an Apocalyptic portrait, where promises, dreams, and better days are all left behind for a sunless future of war and nightmares.

The slow, dire, solemn pace permeated a metronomic stark drum machine, furrowed underneath by a droning gurgling bassline, whilst warped, obsessive, pain-filled guitar melodies bleed piercing hopeless desires over numb, morose haunted vocals, drawing dirgey breathes of dread and tragedy from an ominous maelstrom of unstoppable dark forces.

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