WL//WH Track Of The Day: BLEACHED HEAT “Nausea“

Track Of The Day  Bleached Heat  

Vancouver Island-based solo project Bleached Heat is back into the new year with the new single, “Nausea”, via label/collective Hush Ltd., to deliver romantic infatuations of aural memories from the ’80s, deftly blending catchy crystal-clear haunting melodies with driving dancing Post-punk/Synth-Pop aesthetic.

 “Nausea“ lyric-wise broods in a relentless sea of self-loathing, guilt, and alienation to expose a fantasy of death at the hands of severe illness.

Incessantly thumping snares bounce along stuttering rumbling low ends decorated by sinuous bewitching strands of glistening guitars, radiating swirling and shivering echoes of iridescent notes, filled with enveloping melancholy atop heartfelt, nostalgic vocals, exhaling wistfulness and dread into obsessive spirals of intoxicating pain.

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