WL//WH Track Of The Day: BLANCHE BIAU “You Saw Me”

Track Of The Day Blanche Biau

Swiss wave artist and producer from Zürich, under the Blanche Biau alias, has dropped the first two previews from the upcoming album “Mareaudé”, due for release in the Fall of 2021, replete with her brittle, enveloping and seductive blend of minimal ‘not too cold’ wave-imbued blissed-out misty synth melodies along with introspective and moody confessions, both emotional and atmospheric. 

In “You Saw Me”, punctuated by dry repetitive snare beats, a dreamy, sad and sensual female vocal contemplates the unfathomable depths of the human feelings, suspended on vaporous and rarefied glaring synth pads waft in reverberated humming wandering drifts, infused with wistful romanticism, radiating a somber swelling breeze of longing breathless fantasies into a melancholic haze of dim hope.

The flip, as the title suggests is ‘haunted’ by a bleak subtly warbling bassline and obsessively subdued flickering synth, yet equally contemplative and hopelessly sad.

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