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Vienna based Austrian musician, producer, composer and vocalist Corina Cinkl is not a newcomer on the European ‘dark music’ scene, involved with several projects and collaborations (GHOST ACTOR, BLACK EGG, NORMOTONE, OPPENHEIMER MK II, COLLAPSING NEW PEOPLE), with releases on labels aufnahme+wiedergabe and Unknown Pleasures Records.
Black Heart is Corina’s solo moniker, a distinctive 80’s tinged post-punk / darkwave / folk amalgam.
After her debut full length “All Is Lost”, via her own Underwaves imprint, in June 2016, last year single/video “Abandon” and the her contribution to the Portishead tribute compilation “So Bare is my Heart”, the new 2-track single “Deep In Me, featuring an extended version of the previously released “Abandon” and the new, unreleased title track, marks her welcome return.

The unreleased “Deep In Me” drives into an ethereal, haunting and poignantly deep and dark orchestral ambiance punctuated by sparse piano notes coated in in a bleak and cold analogue programmed guise of smooth beats and icy synths. Her self realized soaring vocals are as mature and aware as they are sweet and strong, and stand out as the magical driving force setting the warm tone for this song. Giving us a deep feeeling of evolution, acceptance, and freedom of a woman once bound by sadness, anger, and pain from her past.

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BlackHeart ‘Deep In Me’ – image by Armin Grün