WL//WH Track of The Day : BITE MARX ‘Vegan In Leather’

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Los Angeles’ BITE MARX let out 3 brand new singles in 2018 already and we picked Vegan In Leather digitally released on January 2. Colin Ambulance (ex-Cinema Strange, Cardboard Lamb, The Lips, The Switch, Panthar) assisted by Cellars’ Allene Norton will drag you into their electrocuted, synthetic and obviously punked dimension with such an ease that you will probably repeat the tune you chose, and look for another one to listen. Active since 2016 BITE MARX has already released quite a lot of maxis designed for dancing and socializing in underground places, blasting out their characteristic energy which is loaded on synths, generators, modulars, and along with the punk attitude that is not hidden in but actually fronted in their songs, there’s no damn way you won’t shake a leg. Electro-punk oriented sonic bullets, often charged with minimal synthetic grooves, new, updated and so fresh music that I and Fab actually quarreled on which tune to present here. After the required espresso treatment, we decided that Vegan… will be, and here it is!


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Written by Loud Cities Mike