WL//WH Track Of The Day: BESTIAL MOUTHS “In Ruins”

In days of massive mobilization and public protests against racism and police brutality around the world, Berlin-based via NYC & LA artist and Bestial Mouths mastermind, Lynette Cerezo has just previewed her ‘catharsis given voice’ of the new album ‘RESURRECTEDINBLACK’ with the visceral and straight-forward new single “In Ruins”, resonating with majestic seething and shimmering industrial clang and menacing post-punk edgy drive, brimming with consuming passion and sheer primal force to channel all the unabated rage and suffering set for an unjust and violent society.

Thought-provoking lyrics cast eerily relevant references to a history built on racism and the “ANCHORS OF PAIN, WITH NO HONOR JUST OUR SHAME,” destructive weight imposed by the “broken system rooted in white supremacist ideology and greed.”

Transfixing buzz and pulsing drone unleash a viciously gurgling bassline that smolders unrestrainable, sharpened by deadly punchy kicks along with thunderous clattering snares, whilst dramatic glowing synth stabs howl and swirl, resounding around fiercely aching female vocals, simmering into a numbed rage and stunned fury, over an impassioned agonistic empathy, disturbed by an externalized haunted existence.

The intense heartfelt and emotional depth of Lynette‘s dark soul burns furious and ecstatic like flames stirring up our hearts thirsting for justice and equality.
The pre-orders for the upcoming 9-track LP ‘RESURRECTEDINBLACK’, with the productions of Brant Showers (∆AIMON/SØLVE), Balázs Képli (nullius in verba) and Alex DeGroot (Zola Jesus), are currently ongoing on Bandcamp.

In the meantime all the proceeds for “IN RUINS” will still be donated to over 70 community bail funds, activist organizations, and racial justice organizers via ActBlue.

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