WL//WH Track Of The Day: BERGSTEIN “Feels”

Track Of The Day BERGSTEIN

Bergstein is a brand new Russian dark synth solo project from Moscow, started seemingly with the purpose of mixing synth-wave, EBM, post-punk, darkwave and more…

Debut single “Feels” blends, in reality, dance-inducing hypnotic synthpop drive with cold wave gloomy and introverted existentialism through an organic balance of light and shadow, melancholia and mystery, atmosphere and rhythm, peppered with a distinctive pop sensibility yet raw around the edges.

80s tinged energetic propelling bass line, clipped by slashing, booming snare beats, bounce relentlessly forward into ominous dark oppressive shades of uncontrollable desire, lit by bright, resonant synth flashes and achingly wistful melodic hooks around distorted distressed male vocals shamefully wavering guilty turmoil into the burning abyss of desolation.

A very promising first step.

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